How do You Sustain Exercise Motivation?

Make Movement a Daily Habit

All the knowledge, good intentions and top-of-the-line strength equipment won't do you a bit of good if you cannot sustain your fitness regimen and your weekly exercise enthusiasm. Come rain or come shine, you’ll increase your chances of staying motivated - and more open to trying new activities if you set more practical and achievable goals.

Be ambitious but don't punish yourself. The goal of sustaining exercise motivation and adopting healthy fitness habits (like stretching) should be a pleasant and nurturing new part of your life. For exercise to become pleasant, of course, consider its convenience, affordability and your own personal preferences.

Make Exercise Convenient

Join a health club within 10 minutes of your home or your route to work. Decide on a practical training schedule that allows you to be consistent. Seek out high-energy activities that you enjoy. If you get bored with one thing, do something else. Set up alerts on your phone and your laptop to reinforce the commitment to work out.

Don’t Fool Yourself

If you go to the gym for an hour and spend two thirds of the time chatting, you're only getting 20 real minutes of exercise. That's okay if 20 minutes is all you planned on, but don't pretend to yourself that you put in 60 fat-blasting minutes. On the other hand, don't beat yourself up when you're too tired to work out. Rest is also a component of a supple, strong more balanced body.

Don't worry about doing everything instantly. Just do something, and build from there.

Remain Entertained

Stay stimulated at the gym by safely listening to music or podcasts while you work out. You can also try a walking meditation by listening to the music of your breath – or taking advantage of free Wi-Fi while you huff and puff. Your body's working, so occasionally, when it’s safe, let your mind wander for a rejuvenating daydream. Feel the positive energy all around you, as you finish your favorite workout and start stretching.

Recruit a Partner

Choose someone who takes her/his exercise goals just as seriously as you do. Your mutually agreed-upon schedule can keep both of you on track - it's much harder to skip a workout if it means disappointing a workout buddy. Start an exercise journal when you both begin your new workout regimen. Six months from now, you will look back together and be amazed at your progress. (Then it will be time to celebrate!)

Remember, all of the fitness programming and top-notch strength equipment in the gym means nothing if you don't get started and make a commitment to yourself. Our exercise programs really work - only if you do. If you need a jumpstart, ask one of our certified personal trainers today how to take the first steps.